• Enoteca


    The essence of a wine cellar is recreated whereby residents can either stop in for a quick glass from their favorite vineyard, host an intimate wine tasting with selections made by their personal sommelier with perfectly paired canapés or order their next week’s supply of wine from their home.

  • Botanical Exhibition

    Botanical Exhibition

    To further introduce the Botanical theme as a sophisticated living experience, a year-round exhibition will dignify the interior lobby spaces. Curated regularly, the exhibition will be ever changing to include everything from the finest collection of orchids to rare items in the botanic field such as Bonsais and Petit Cactus.

  • Apple (SMART) Center

    Apple (SMART) Center

    A convenient interim office, the Smart Center is easily accessible for anything from hosting a small private impromptu client meeting to a quick charging area while waiting for your car to arrive.

  • Concierge Service

    Concierge Service

    At your service, is based on developing a personal, face-to-face relationship, providing a variety of services tailored to the needs of each resident. Each resident will have access via their iPhone and/or iPad to reserve and request different specialties.

  • Fugo Bar

    Fugo Bar

    An integral part of the resident's daily routine; not just a juice bar but offering a grab n’ go of special juices, a variety of small organic snacks and a light lunch/salad bar for when residents are on the run or looking for a quick break in the day.

  • Soul Center Spa

    Soul Center Spa

    Offering much more than just a gym, it will provide wellness for the mind, body and soul. The ultimate personal experience where residents feel the spa is uniquely theirs, to address their individual needs.

  • International Salon

    International Salon

    A highly detailed and sophisticated space where residents feel they have walked into a personal residence with a mix of private, quiet treatment rooms located around a social enclave of luxurious indulgence.

  • Private Garden

    Private Garden

    Whether you're listening to music, engaging in a Tai Chi session or just enjoying the sweet breezes of the beach, this garden will keep you in tune with nature.

  • Pool & Cabanas

    Pool & Cabanas

    The refreshing pools and cabanas serve as an urban oasis to enjoy not just the water but the beautiful landscape at Eighty Seven Park.

  • Library


    Small and cozy escape from the digital world.

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